s7.io Announces First Complete Go-Anywhere Weatherproof Enclosure For Raspberry Pi

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- KLiP Industries, a company providing IoT tools for makers, today announced s7 Rubicon – the first modular weatherproof (IP67 rated) enclosure system specifically designed for the popular Raspberry Pi family of single-board computers, widely used by the maker community and the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. s7 Rubicon was designed from ground up for rapid prototyping and extreme environments both indoors and outdoors. Other popular single-board computers are also supported, including BeagleBone and Arduino, as well as up to two additional expansion boards and shields. The enclosure is stackable and comes with a choice of both clear and opaque covers.

"We understand the needs and challenges of deploying IoT solutions into the real world," said Alex Kaay, CEO of KLiP Industries. "Unlike bigger enterprise and consumer ventures, makers and startups often lack the resources to design, source and manufacture the enclosure their device demands. With Rubicon, we hope to allow many more ideas to come to fruition by removing one of the huge barriers in the way of IoT and maker projects – an attractive and functional enclosure."The system has been optimized for easy customization including support for common cable gland sizes, standard conduit fittings and mounting hardware. Every enclosure includes a machined aluminum plate for strength and heat dissipation. Rubicon is inherently UV resistant due to the choice of aluminum along with automotive plastics. The product can be easily installed by anyone, as all attachment points are accessible from the exterior without opening the box.

The Rubicon Launch Edition Kit is available immediately for pre-order, priced at $35, and shipping Nov 15th 2016. The kit is available in two colors, blue-gray and orange, and a choice of covers, both clear and opaque.

About KLiP Industries KLiP Industries provides tools for Internet of Things (IoT) developers to get their projects deployed anywhere. KLiP industries, LLC was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. The flagship product, s7 Rubicon, is the first weatherproof enclosure specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi. Rubicon is a part of the s7 brand of maker products, found at s7.io.

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