Buy Now Apply for 4G LTE Beta Get 10% Off Rubicon Launch Edition Kit on GroupGets collaborated with GroupGets to launch the first modular water- and dustproof versatile enclosure for single-board computers. With enclosure’ support for Raspberry Pi family, Arduino and BeagleBone boards, GroupGets is great fit for our community reach. For over 2 years, GroupGets is empowering users to securely join and organize group buys for electronics products and components. GroupGets exclusive offers and special deals attract both makers and established businesses. GroupGets promotes industrial products like FLIR, supports new manufacturers and also make their own boards and customizations, like PRUDAQ ACD hat designed by Google Research. Created for versatile deployment in real world, Rubicon enclosure perfectly addresses needs of GroupGets customers for IoT projects. The kit is available in two colors, blue-grey and orange, and a choice of one or two covers, clear and opaque. We scheduled our first shipment for 15th of November. Get your Rubicon while the deal lasts, it will be over soon!